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Will Lebron James get the miracle?

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Will Lebron James get the miracle?

With 15 games remaining to complete the regular season, the Los Angeles Lakers of Lebron James are 7 games away from equaling the 8th-ranked mark (Utah Jazz) to enter the playoffs of a season full of ups and downs.
There is no doubt that it is an arduous task but Lebron is capable of it and, put to dream, if they get it they would arrive without a doubt in physical and mental fullness to face some undoubtedly electrifying crosses since everything indicates that they would be the Warriors of Curry the rivals of the 8th conference qualifier.
On the other hand, in the Eastern Conference, everything seemed to indicate that the Bucks of Antetokoumpo are clear candidates to be champions of conference and will have to see if they are able to reach the finals of the NBA and break the hegemony of the fearsome Warriors.
The League is already launched and without a doubt the most beautiful phase of the season is ready to be disputed, are you going to lose it?

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Will Lebron James get the miracle?
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