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Mouthguard Cramer

Ref.: D000404A

Mouthguard Cramer

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Oral protection, especially indicated for contact sports. Instructions for a correct placement: 1. Place one bowl with boiling water and another with cold water on the side. 2. Using pliers, immerse the protector completely in the boiling water for 30 seconds. 3. Remove the protector and place it in the cold water for 1 second, no more. Quickly and carefully insert the protector into your mouth. Pass the fingertips through the front and back of the protector and through the area of ??the tongue, so that it takes the shape of our teeth. WORK FAST. 4. Close the mouth slightly so that the protector takes the shape of the bite. Be careful not to bite the entire protector to split it. 5. Re-insert the protector in the boiling water for 2 seconds, no more. Take it out and carefully put it back in the mouth, where we previously made the mark. 6. Close the mouth and quickly with the fingers mold below the lips and gums. 7. Put the protector in the bowl of cold water to finish. 8. With the protector out of the mouth, trim excess material where it is annoying. 9.To clean the protecotr, use a toothbrush and toothpaste, in addition to rinse with cold water. Never use hot water.

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